Yours to customize

Comfortable with HTML and CSS? Page Guru templates are free to modify, or create your own

Designers Only

None of the following information is required to use Page Guru. It is intended for web designers that wish to modify an existing Page Guru template or create their own. Knowledge of FTP, CSS, and HTML is required to customize your own template.

Please note that template customization is provided without support.

Step 1

The easiest way to get started is to download one of the default templates, and use it as a starting point for your own custom template. Download the template you want to customize by clicking a link below:

Clean Big Picture
Fun Big Picture
Business Big Picture

Legacy Templates


Unzip the downloaded archive. Note that the files will be unpacked to a /templates folder. Please don’t change the name of this folder.

Inside the templates folder, you will find one or more folders named for the template. You can change the name of these template sub folders to anything you like.

Modify any of the template files to your liking. These template files contain the HTML for the template. The template files are written using the Twig templating system.

Want to modify CSS, JavaScript, or an image? These assets are located in a separate assets folder for each template.

Modify any asset you like. For any asset you change, remember to change the references for your modified asset in the HTML code. For example instead of your CSS file loading from ‘assets/templates/clean/css/clean.css’, you will want to load it from you own directory, where you put your custom CSS file – example: /templates/clean-custom/css/clean.css

Step 2

Once all of your changes are complete, you are ready to upload your template. Connect to your Page Guru hosting account via FTP. Your FTP login information can be found in the welcome email you received from Hosting Nation. If you need help getting your FTP information, please contact Hosting Nation.

Use FTP to upload the entire templates folder, and any modified assets, to the pubic_html folder of your web hosting account.

Step 3

Login to your Page Guru configuration. In the website template area, you will see your newly added customized template, in addition to the default templates. Select your custom template. Click the update button.

You Page.Guru site will now load using your customized template.