New Feature - Google Analytics Integration

Understanding your website's traffic and performance can be vital in the world of online marketing. In order to address this need, Page Guru has added automated integration with Google Analytics. Use Google Analytics to automate the collection…

Page Guru Launches New Website

As part of Page Guru's official launch, we are happy to announce the debut of a brand new website! within seconds visitors can preview their website without signing up for anything... The goal of the Page Guru website is to allow visitors…

Case Study: Nevaeh Day Spa

Jennifer Schneider, owner and operator of the Nevaeh Spa, faced the same issues as many small business owners. She was not technically savvy when it came to websites. She knew she needed an online presence with an informational component where people could learn about the spa's products and services, make appointments, and get directions. Additionally, she knew she needed a social media presence where she could share customer experiences through photos and posts, announce new products and specials to her followers, educate on topics of self care and wellness, as well as promote events and news.